Drug detection times

Drug Street Names Administered Detection in Urine* Detection in Saliva* Cannabinoids Marijuana Blunt, dope, ganja, grass, herb, joints, Mary Jane, pot, reefer, sinsemilla, skunk, weed Swallowed, Smoked 14 days to 11 weeks 24-48 Hours Hashish Boom, chronic, gangster, hash, hash oil, hemp Swallowed, Smoked 14 days to 11 weeks 24-48 Hours Depressants Barbiturates A...   More... >>

Hair Follicle Drug Test! How Long?

If you need some info on hair follicle drug test how long detox is required then the best source is the Web. If you have been taking drugs first you should analyze why you started taking them In the first place. Was it for the fun of the whole thing or was because you could not find solutions for your problems. Remember one thing there is no problem which has no solution. You should only have the ...   More... >>

Drug Testing Laws

The USA has the biggest problem with addiction to drugs and it is a problem that the government has tried to control with drug testing laws. These laws have been around for almost 50 years now. It began in the 1960s when soldiers fighting in Vietnam became addicted to using drugs. The army did not want the problem to spread so they were tested for drug abuse when they returned home. Now, it is use...   More... >>


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